Story One - Adoption

Randy and Drew, a gay married couple, are raising an adopted baby boy Jack.

Randy and Drew are a young, down-to-earth married couple who seem like quintessential "regular guys". But when they pursued adoption, they found out that gay men are invariably at the bottom of the list, if on the list at all. Some private, religion-based adoption agencies won't even consider gay men.

Randy's and Drew's luck changed when they were contacted by Tracy, a thirty-six year-old grandmother of four looking for a home for Jack, the yet unborn infant son of her teenaged daughter Corrie. Fatherhood Dreams takes us into the birth family's household and reveals why Tracy chose a gay male couple.

I don't know if I believe in fate necessarily, but I'm very, very lucky - extremely lucky.

- Randy

I believe in fate. I believe things happen as they're meant to happen, and there's some sort of natural plan to the universe as it unfolds.

- Drew

Randy and Drew adopted Jack by "open adoption". They are one of very few gay male couples that have been chosen by birth families in Canada. Are Randy and Drew concerned that Jack will have difficulties growing up with two gay dads? What will happen when he's a teenager, and what are they doing now to avoid possible problems?

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