Story Two - Co-Parenting

Meet Stephen, who co-parents two daughters with a lesbian couple.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Stephen is a lawyer who divides his time between downtown Vancouver and an island near Nanaimo, BC - five hours away - where he goes every weekend. That's where Steve, Wendy and Wendy's partner Coreen are raising his two biological children, an incredibly charming and sharp four-year-old, Kizea, and a typically moody teenager, Jazz.

It's basically like one huge, dysfunctional, strange family.

- Jazz

"I have two moms, Coreen and Wendy. I call them 'mama' and 'mummy'."

"Is it confusing with two moms and a dad visiting?"

"No, it's not confusing. I'm the luckiest ever...because I have the most parents."

- Kizea

All three parents want to be legally recognized as the parents of both kids and are thinking of pursuing legal action in British Columbia based on a precedent-setting case in Ontario early in 2007; three parents won the right to record all their names on their child's Birth Certificate.

Is co-parenting easy? Is Steve able to plan his own life freely? How does it feel to be single while Wendy and Coreen are together? How does Jazz, who identifies herself as straight, feel being different from her parents?

Here is a unique chance to see what life in a co-parenting family is like.

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