Story Three - Surrogacy

Meet Scott, a single gay man, as he prepares to welcome his twin children into the world through surrogacy.

Scott has dreamed of being a father for most of his life. He had to choose between a long-term relationship with a man who didn't want children, and going on a journey to make his fatherhood dream a reality.

I had to make some really serious decisions, and make probably one of the most difficult decision of my life, which was, do I stay with my partner and maybe not raise children, or do I actually leave and go seek the family that I want?.... It's a very difficult decision to make.

- Scott

When he was told that adoption was out of the question for a single gay man, Scott searched for a surrogate. How could any gay man become a father through surrogacy in Canada, if the country still has an archaic law which says that gay men are not allowed to donate sperm? Will Scott be able to make arrangements with a surrogate, knowing that Canada prohibits paying the surrogate for conceiving and carrying a child?

Eventually, Scott found a surrogate mother - all the way across the country. She is an equally vocal part of this story. What does her husband think about her decision to be not a "gestational" but a "traditional surrogate" for Scott? Does she feel the same about Scott's children as she does about the two girls she gave birth to with her husband? What arrangements will be in place after the children are born? What are Scott's chances of finding a partner?

Well, in the gay world a man with two newborns, that's not a hot commodity. I'm not going to be going out, I'm not going to be really dating. There's a chance that I can meet somebody at an airport or a coffee house but really, what man, gay man, wants to take on me and two newborns, like really?

- Scott

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